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Fundamental Journal of Modern Physics

ISSN: 2249-9768
Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013, Pages 19-67
Physics of electrostatic resonance with negative permittivity and imaginary index of refraction for illuminated plasmoid in the experimental set up for microwave near field applicator
Author(s): Shantanu Das, Rajesh Kumar, Titto John George, Amit Bansal, Nitin Kumar Lautre and Apurba Kumar Sharma
Pages: 19-46
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A positive generator for the Feynman-Kac functional of fermions
Author(s): Fons Brosens
Pages: 47-58
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Superluminal neutrinos in the framework of extended standard model
Author(s): Indranath Bhattacharyya
Pages: 59-67
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