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Fundamental Journal of Modern Physics

ISSN: 2249-9768
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2011, Pages 133-268


Fractal Physics Theory - cosmic scale nuclear explosion cosmology
Author(s): Leonard J. Malinowski
Pages: 169-195
Received: April 4, 2011
This second article in a series of five begins to discuss Big Bang Cosmology in terms of a cosmic scale nuclear explosion in a decelerated time frame relative to the human scale. The very successful Big Bang model of the Universe has illuminated some difficult questions. What powered the Big Bang? What is dark matter? What preceded the Big Bang? Did the Universe start from a singularity? In an attempt to answer these profound questions, this article will first review the concept that nuclei, during the moment of the beta particle formation process of beta-decay, are fractally self-similar to most stars. The next topic describes the explosion. The remainder of the article draws attention to fractal self-similarities between astronomical observations and events occurring within a cosmic scale nuclear explosion.

Keywords and phrases

beta decay, cosmic rays, cosmology, fractals.


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