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Fundamental Journal of Modern Physics

ISSN: 2249-9768
Volume 2, Issue 1, 2011, Pages 1-88


Femtosecond laser induced spectral response enhancement of photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Baha T. Chiad, K. A. Al. Naimee, Falah A-H. Mutlak and Riccardo Meucci
Pages: 1-6
Received: September 27, 2011
The evidence of the effect of irradiation time of femtosecond laser pulses on the spectral response of a silicon photovoltaic cell had been investigated experimentally. The femtosecond laser used in this work is with wavelength of 800nm, frequency of 80mhz and 80fsec. Photovoltaic cells under study have broad spectral response ranging from the visible to near infrared (400-1000) nm. Different irradiation time (1, 3, and 9 min.) has been used for irradiating photovoltaic cells. The responsivity of the photovoltaic cell is enhanced due to irradiation time. All treatments and measurements have been done at room temperature. The observed enhancement is related to the appearing of sub-pico (nano) structured groves. Results show the responsivity depends on appearing (micro-nano) structure.

Keywords and phrases

femtosecond laser pulses, photovoltaic cells, photodiodes.


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