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Fundamental Journal of Modern Physics

ISSN: 2249-9768
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2011, Pages 133-268


A new mechanics of corpuscular-wave transport of momentum and energy inside negative indexed material
Author(s): Shantanu Das, Sougata Chaterjee, Amitesh Kumar, Paulami Sarkar, Arijit Mazumder, Ananta Lal Das and Subal Kar
Pages: 223-246
Received: May 10, 2011; Revised: July 20, 2011

A century has passed regarding wave-particle duality, well an electromagnetic (EM) radiation in dispersionless free space vacuum is represented by a photon, with corpuscular and wave nature. The discussions from the past century aimed at the nature of photon inside a media having dispersion in the refraction property, other than free space.We call mechanical momentum, wave-momentum, and try to match our 'thought experiments' with intriguing property of this 'photon' or pulse carrying EM energy packet, and more so we try to find its property energy, momentum inside a media, a positive refractive media. Well if the media show a negative refractive index behavior, then these queries are profound, and suitable explanations to these classical concepts of corpuscular-wave nature of photon inside these media are quest for the scientists dealing with these meta-materials. Here some of this counterintuitive nature of corpuscular-wave nature of photon inside negative indexed material is brought out, with possible 'new definition' of its 'wave-momentum', the concept of 'reactive energy' inside negative indexed material, along with possible 'new wave equation'. These definitions and expressions of 'wave-momentum' and 'reactive energy' pertaining to negative indexed material are new and discussed and derived by classical means.

Keywords and phrases

negative indexed material, meta-material, group refractive index, phase refractive index, phase momentum, wave momentum, group and phase velocity, mechanical momentum, reactive energy.


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